We don't believe in charging clients for work that we wouldn't be happy to put our own cash behind. To prove our point, we created a new brand, developed a product range and designed and produced a range of sexy beauty products - plus launched them in some of the country's leading retail outlets. 

The Dirty Little Secret range of sensual products includes luxurious body creams, soaps and high quality stimulating toys. The new brand fills a gap in the market, where sexy and alluring products are usually only found in specialist adult shops. The range of products have been especially developed as a step-by-step system to your sexiness - from start to finish. For example, set the mood with a luxurious foamy shower, apply the sparkling moisturizer, use a little lube, lie back and enjoy. 

The Dirty Little Secret brand and range of products have all been tirelessly researched, designed and tested! Their none threatening, yet sensual - rather than sexual - packaging design is alluring rather than intimidating and is aimed specifically at all self-assured women from 18 to 80 (and beyond!). The products and packaging have been designed to take pride of place in all high street beauty and cosmetic outlets, and are even acceptable on supermarket shelves. 

The clever and empowering packaging design allows woman (and men) to confidently select a product or two without the fear or embarrassment of 'being discovered' while indulging themselves in a sensual purchase.

As well as specially prepared high quality luxurious creams, tingling moisturisers and sexy soaps, Dirty Little Secret also offer a choice of luxurious high-quality toys and a lubricant to add a little bit more naughtiness to your private life too. No matter if you're home alone or preparing for a night of passion with someone special, there's something in the Dirty Little Secret product range to suit your mood. 

Your secret's safe with us. 

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