After 148 years brewing award winning, internationally acclaimed beer, the time was right to reimage and repackage Alfa for a new generation of beer lovers. We created a strategy with the aim of establishing Alfa as a 'true' beer. The strategy was then integrated across all design touch points. 

Following an in-depth evaluation of Alfa's history, we combined our learning into one cohesive design language, ensuring that the brand visualization maintained the 'true to ourselves' strategy, and appeared as a contemporary brand for the modern beer drinker. 

Each element of the design traces its roots directly back to a previous incarnation of the brand. For example, the embossed shield was first seen in the 1870's. The neck label echoes a design feature from the 1980's. The colours reference Alfa's art deco colour palette of the early 1920's. This painstaking design process was treated with great care; morphing so many apposing styles into a modern-day vision could have been disastrous for the brand. 

The whole brand, including label designs, packaging, marketing and communication tools and all premiums are fully integrated - one brand, one visual language. 

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